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SHARE's mission is to raise funds for the developmentally disabled, abused and neglected children as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities.  

SHARE currently supports the following charities:

Los Angeles

Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution that provides pediatric health care and helps our patients more than 528,000 times each year in a setting designed just for their needs. Our history began in 1901 in a small house on the corner of Alpine and Castelar Streets (now Hill St. in Chinatown) and today our medical experts offer more than 350 pediatric specialty programs and services to meet the needs of our patients. 

CHLA is a provider of more than $232.6 million in community benefits annually to children and families. As the first and largest pediatric hospital in Southern California, CHLA relies on the generosity of philanthropists in the community to support compassionate patient care, leading-edge education of the caregivers of tomorrow and innovative research efforts that impact children at our hospital and around the world.


It was Christmas Eve and the night before Nicoleís 18th birthday. Nicole found herself living on the streets after a foster placement fell through. Her school worker was unavailable. Fortunately, she turned to her CASA and Friends for a place to stay, food and emergency clothing. Nicoleís gift that night was realizing that caring adults do exist!

SHARE's generosity helps CASA volunteers speak on behalf of many of the 30,000 abandoned and abused children placed in foster care in Los Angeles County. Friends of CASA appreciate the partnership with SHARE and ìsharingî the common goal of commitment to these children.

Over 60 years ago, several parents, driven by a vision and love for their children who were born with developmental disabilities, forged the creation of the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF). For more than six decades, ECF has helped thousands of children and adults with disabilities in communities throughout Los Angeles live with dignity, self-respect and happiness.

ECF provides a continuum of programs and services from 16 sites throughout LA County to nearly 2,300 individuals and their families each year. People served include individuals with learning & emotional disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and related challenges. ECF’s programs include Early Start, Developmental Activity, Fine Arts Training, Work-Activity, Supported Employment, and Residential Services. The Kayne Eras Center division of ECF provides special education and therapeutic services to children, adolescents and families.

ECF’s mission is to provide the highest quality services for children and adults who are challenged with developmental, learning and emotional disabilities - empowering them to reach their greatest potential.


Stuart House is an internationally recognized, model program that was created by the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, with support form SHARE, to serve the special needs of sexually abused children.

About one out of every for girls and one out of every eight boys are sexually abused before they reach eighteen years of age. More than half of all rape victims are under eighteen years of age. In the traditional system, when sexually abused children and their families seek help, they are often taken to six different locations and subjected to as many as a dozen interviews in cold, institutional settings. Few receive needed medical care, expert forensic examinations, or therapy services and many feel re-victimized by the system.

To remedy these problems, Stuart House provides a one stop service center where child victims can receive all of the services they need in a single location - a facility that was designed to provide a therapeutic environment for children. Police officers, prosecutors, and child protection workers have offices at Stuart House and work as a team to help child victims. In addition, children receive expert, forensic medical examinations and comprehensive treatment services that are so crucial to their recovery from the trauma of sexual abuse. All of these services are provided free of charge.

Founded in 2001, Team Prime Time's mission is to create intervention programs for at risk youth from low-income areas of Los Angeles that combine academics, athletics, and leadership training in order to prepare them for the future and allow them to reach their full potential. The Team Prime Time after-school pilot-program was launched in the spring of 2001 with 24 kids at Daniel Webster Middle School. Due to the success of the students and tremendous support from the community, the program now operates at three locations and serves over 500 students.

In addition, the creation of the PRIME TIME GAMES, a full-inclusion, peer mentor sports program wherein the TPT students coach, mentor and play alongside student-athletes with developmental disabilities, has paved the way for over 250 athletes, ages 5-17, to join Team Prime Time.

Thanks in large part to the generosity of the Ladies of SHARE, over 700 at-risk youth will take part in TPT programming during the 2007-08 academic year.