Since 1953

On a sunny afternoon in 1953, seven women gathered for lunch in Los Angeles with an agenda and a mission...

These ladies decided to passionately commit to raising money and helping organize programs to improve the lives of children. They could not have imagined how wildly successful and impactful their mission would eventually become. By the end of their meal, SHARE had been formed, and the groundwork for commitment and compassion had been lain for fundraising to enhance the lives of children in need.

Now, more than 70 years later, and $65 million raised, SHARE has over 80 members who dedicate their time, money, and efforts to carrying on the early mission of raising funds to help support children who need it most. SHARE supports charities that work with children who are at-risk or abused as well charities that focus on treatment, research, prevention, vocational training, and independent living skills for children in need.

Each member of SHARE offers a unique and important set of skills; Some are businesswomen, working in the entertainment industry, some work in finance, retail, sports, hospitality, and more. Many are exceptional organizers and community activists. The one thing each member has in common, is they are all are philanthropists with a passion for helping young children.

Over the years, SHARE has provided critical support to many of the programs and facilities that are vital to children with special needs. Early on, SHARE’s fundraising paved the way for the now industry-leading Exceptional Children’s Foundation, as well as the Stuart House at The Rape Treatment Center. In later years, SHARE raised funds to support research into developmental disabilities through the SHARE Child Disability Center at Cedars-Sinai. Many other organizations have benefitted from SHARE’s fundraising mission, such as Ahead With Horses, The Sophia T. Salvin Center, Team Prime Time, and many others. Each year, the Ladies of SHARE carefully evaluate each grant request as well as monitor the donations to verify the funds have gone to the proper use.

SHARE has a handful of fundraising events throughout the year, anchored by the iconic and star-studded Boomtown Party and Show. At Boomtown, generous donors are treated to A-list headliners as well as the glittering chorus line of the SHARE Ladies themselves. Other exciting fundraising events include A Day At The Races, Poker Night, and Ladies Night Out: A Bachelor Auction. Each fundraising event is made possible by the SHARE ladies’ hard work, dedication, and passion for helping young children in need.

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