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Nancy Gregory

Nancy has been a member of SHARE for the past 12 years; a member of the SHARE Board twice; and 1stVice President for 4 years as well as directing/choreographing 3 Boomtown shows and a tribute to the Special Olympics at the Wallace Theater. She collected and organized fun behind-the-scenes stories from the ladies for a major event honoring SHARE at the Hollywood Museum and interviewed many members about what dancing in a Boomtown show meant to them. It is now a video on our website. This year she was named ‘Member of the Year’ and was thrilled.

In life outside of SHARE, Nancy is a director/writer and choreographer and has had an extensive and award-winning career in the entertainment industry. She recently wrote an original musical-comedy called ‘JAMBALAYA, THE MUSICAL’ that opened at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans last year. She earned an MFA in dance, was a professional ballerina in her young career and has directed both Films and TV shows as well as Super Bowls, International Events around the world and Broadway productions. 

In her words, “Joining SHARE was one of the best life choices that I have ever made. A true gift that keeps giving back. I hope I can continue helping to make life better for these beautiful and so deserving children for many years to come.”