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Joan Rush

Joan was born and raised in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a beautiful suburb of Philadelphia.  She was the soprano singing star of all of her high school and college musicals. She thought she might want a singing career, but fell in love with, and married Herman Rush in 1951.  They moved to New York City, and she became a corporate wife instead (good choice). They will be married 65 years in March 2016. In 1963, Joan and Herman with their two children, Jim and Mandie, moved to Beverly Hills, California. 

In the fall of 1966, Joan was asked to join SHARE. She has danced in practically all of the shows, served on many committees, has been Vice President for two years, Secretary for four terms,  and on the Board of Directors for five terms. She served as Chairman of the Board in 2010 . In 1992 she was as Member of the Year. 

Joan has visited all of the facilities that SHARE has supported over the years, and is firmly committed to improving the quality of life for the abused and mentally and physically challenged children of our community.