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Corinna Tsopei Fields,


Corinna Tsopei Fields has been a respected and valued member of SHARE Inc. since 1985! Currently serving her second term as SHARE President, Corinna brings great vision, energy and passion to the role. Corinna takes great pride in the success of SHARE and in each and everyone of her SHARE sisters. She embraces SHARE’s unique history and tradition as a celebrated Los Angeles based children’s charity. 

As President, Corinna maintains a focus on finding better ways to meet the needs of at-risk/disadvantaged youth throughout Los Angeles. She is dedicated to her SHARE sisters and to accomplishing the charity's vital goals as a unified team. Shared commitment, dedication and teamwork have always been essential to the success of SHARE - an all volunteer service organization. Corinna thrives on working with Board Members, Officers and Members to create a more unified, responsive and successful children's charity.

Corinna is recognized as a passionate, driving force in her pursuit to grow SHARE Inc. She is committed to increasing the level of financial and material support that SHARE provides annually to partner-charities throughout Los Angeles. Corinna believes in always putting the needs of at-risk/disadvantaged children and teens first. As a result, she is an outstanding ambassador for SHARE Inc., including it's signature fundraising events and innovative programs/services. Corinna also is an articulate and effective advocate for at-risk/disadvantaged youth throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Corinna was crowned Miss Universe in 1964 after being crowned Miss Greece in the same year. Born in Athens, Corinna dreamed of coming to America after falling in love with American Cinema. She immigrated to The United States in 1964 and received her citizenship in 1972. Her life's journey helps her to embrace the plight of at-risk/disadvantaged youth and the importance of giving-back. Corinna expresses deep gratitude to God for all of the gifts that she’s received in life and committs fully to helping as many children as she can.