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Adele Langdon, President


Adele is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters.  She was a former Price is Right model, a professional ice skater, and a dancer in the group Hot Feet with Chester Whitmore.

Prior to returning to SHARE in 2016, Adele was a dedicated member of SHARE for 15 years.

Adele is a lover of animals and was appointed Director of Animal Welfare for Bel Air and Westwood by the Los Angeles City Council.  She created the “A House in not a Home without a Pet” program, which was designed to help homeless pets resulting from the home foreclosure crisis in 2008.  The program matches abandoned pets with new homeowners.

Adele has served on the board of many charities, as well as being a spokesperson for Veterans Association’s Anti-Drug Abuse program.

She also authored a column about health for the Examiner as “The Beverly Hills Health Expert.”

Adele is also a realtor and has held her license for more years than she is willing to admit.  She is considering getting back into dancing and acting thanks to her wonderful and inspiring SHARE sisters.